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RightFit has been created to respond to market needs - on the one hand we have employers who lament the lack of quality labor - on the other hand we have employees who do not feel like their real potential is valued in the workplace. These difficulties, specific to the Romanian labor market, can only be overcome through a careful and personalized approach that targets both the employee and the employer. In this respect, we are conducting an interactive recruitment and testing process that ensures the compatibility of the expectations of both parties - client and candidate.


We help candidates objectively evaluate themselves and we assist them in creating a professional resume so that we increase the chances that they will find the right job where they can evolve in the long run.


We analyze the needs of our clients and build a candidate profile based on the organizational culture and the job description, determining what the most important elements to consider are when interviewing candidates for each job.


We collaborate directly with team representatives from the teams that future employees will be a part of, so as to agree on the best evaluation and recruitment mechanisms. We identify the compatibility elements between the client and the candidate, contributing to the building of long-term relationships beneficial to both parties.

Assignment of consultants:

We provide easy access to our network of Consultants, specialists in key areas that can generate immediate positive impact on your organization within a short or medium timeframe.

Evaluation Centres:

We offer individual or group evaluation services both for internal processes and for selection processes of candidates, to identify people with the greatest potential to excel in their field of activity.


We periodically contact the new employees to ensure that the expectations they set in the recruitment process are aligned with the daily business activity and that development goals contribute to their long-term development.

Increased employee retention:

We organize personalized, one-to-one conversations with employees to highlight the elements that motivate them and make them stay in the company. This service helps companies identify the steps they need to take to reduce stress factors, improve employee experience, and increase employee retention.


We know that trust in the quality of our services is very important, therefore you can see below which companies granted us the pleasure of helping them grow: