Gemini Solutions

Gemini Solutions was founded in 2005 by a group of specialists in Silicon Valley and is dedicated to delivering high quality custom software products. The founders of the company understood from the beginning that many companies of various sizes, are completely disappointed with the quality of traditional outsourcing services. Companies with IT profile wanted greater technical capacity, a wider range of expertise, better collaboration and communication and greater agility than traditional service providers could offer.

Therefore, these companies sought to create partnerships that could act as an appendix to in-house teams, external experts with know-how and technical experience, who listen to needs and are proactive in finding solutions. Therefore, addressing these needs are the basis of the foundation of Gemini Solutions.

The focus is on creating IT products dedicated to client companies by using the knowledge of talented programmers who work in a team to develop a wide range of products. Currently, the team is made up of over 100 programmers with different specializations. For now, they are proud of the speed and discipline with which they develop software for their clients. They combine creativity, agility, discipline and excellence to ensure successful and lasting partnerships.